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The M-Tex Group - Our company specialises in mold texturing services in the tooling industry.

Mold texturing and roller etch process - have become the absolute "'must" to the exterior and interior surfaces of all plastic products. Low cost aesthetic application not only meet products functionality but effectively hide defects and solve problems in the molding process.

We have one of the most artistic and skilfully experienced texture-designed and development team. For some of our exclusive customers, we have had accomplished a few major international features in the customised texture designs.

Our wide range of patterns can meet products functional requirements and appearance, thus increasing customers' demand.

The range of patterns, from sand grain, fine lines, geomatrical or dotted, and leather is applicable to all electronic products and multi-level car striae.

All our clients will be provided free exquisite standard plaques. For specific information, please contact our international sales engineer.

The team project manager will assist in necessary technical support including project follow-up. Efficient communication will be sheduled until completion of projects.

We are proud to introduce our latest new process - "the gloss reduction process SRP " using a disposable micropattern. This pattern is able to absorb light !

To understand more about our SRP and, the etched surface repair program - call us for more information. Our team will assist you in your enquiries.

Our team 's motto is the satisfaction that their ''art of work'' travels globally.

M-Tex is the best answer to your products having a quality appearance. Our services include the following

Mould Texturing
Your products will be outstanding in the market with the various effects. The surfaces can have either a gloss or matt effect, with a choice of leather, stipples or geomatrical patterns. There is also the "hands-feel sensation" effect.
Our wide range of pattern selection can meet your products demand.
For technical information, contact our factory nearest your office. 
Prototype Texturing
The latest texturing technology  made it possible to apply directly to plastic parts. The simulating process saves time especially  in the mould assemble process.  The precise pattern or selected color can be pecfectly moulded in.
Pattern Development
Our development unit has a team of excellent design engineers. This M-Tex team meticulously researches and produces texture sample plaques, offering a wide diversified choices to meet the different industries' demands of our global customers.
Program Management
Our knowledgeable program managers will assist in providing necessary technical input and, monitor the critical timing of information to meet production dateline.
Digital Seamless Process
This digital seamless texturing process has the ability to produce high level complex texturing contours on surfaces. Any texture can be applied on all parts to meet your requirement.
Micro Grain Process
This process prevents your products with low gloss from light reflection and, also traps light from the textured plastic parts. It also helps to prevent wear from parts production.
Texture Repair
We have this group of highly skilled technicians to help repair all textures on damages. We can reduce depth of textures in some areas to prevent dragging. Gloss adjustment can also be obtained to meet your parts matching requirement Repair can be done on-site  or  in-house. Please do not attempt to repair or touch-up any damage yourself. Further damage can complicate existing problems.  Call us immediately and we can provide the necessary advice to help rectify the damaged.



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